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Some feedback from our customers

*Olive oil care cream*

“It good for my skin . Its not oily.

能使皮肤清爽, 不油腻

- customer from Woodlands, Singapore


“My mum’s leg has a rough patch. After applying the olive oil care cream for

two weeks, her leg’s rough patch becomes very smooth now.”

- customer from Aljunied, Singapore


“The hand cream is really good.  It makes my skin smooth and fresh.”

- customer from Jurong, Singapore


“My hands and legs are very dry.  I apply this care cream and now the skin

is so much better, not dry any more.”

-  customer from Central Singapore


*Baby oil*

I have sensitive skin. I tried many types of moisturiser and I had rashes

after using them.  Finally I found one that suits me well. That is 100%

olive oil!  This baby oil is very good. I just pour a bit to apply on my

hands and legs every night.  Not very oily. It makes me feel fresh after


-  customer from Singapore city


“Olive Care Cream and Biolive propolis”

“I would like to update you on the use of the cream you gave me. I found it to be very

effective on the areas where I have the eczema outbreak and it does lubricate my skin at areas

where it tends to crack open. Thumbs up to the propolis and your cream. I have not used the

steroid cream ever since I used your cream.”

- Marie